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Fri 14 Jun 2013, 6:11 pm

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It occurs to me that reviews of  websites fit nicely into this category of book and media reviews.  I just became aware of Jim Byrne's  ABC-Counseling,
http://www.abc-counselling.com/  as a result of the discussion of his article Dr. Ellis, a wounded psychotherapist

 Dr Jim Byrne, was originally very influenced by the thinking and theories of Dr Albert Ellis, sets out to explore the childhood of Albert Ellis, to see how this skewed the development of Ellis's notion of rationality, and his resistance to the idea of human emotional needs.which

which we present and discuss in a post elsewhere on this blog, which you can read here

After that long-winded introduction let me say that

I don't have time at the moment to write a review that does justice to the resource that Jim has put together, nor am I in a position yet to comment on the quality of the material offered.  However, clearly Jim has done a monumental job of assembling and offering REBT-CBT resources, including face-to-face, e-mail and telephone counseling.

Jim has developed his own "school" of CBT which he calls "CENT Cognitive Emotive Narrative Therapy" which you can read about here =>  CENT  I have not read it thoroughly, but it seems to be an approach that places much more emphasis on developmental psychology and the important, formative nature of early childhood experiences; something that REBT-CBT is typically  not particularly interested in.

You can even earn a diploma in CENT and become a charter member of the Institute for Cognitive Emotive Narrative Therapy (CM-I-CENT)

Here is the menu on the home page of the website. It just goes on-an-on.  Would appreciate anyone who has the time and the inclination to spend some time there and add to this "review."

  • What is Counselling?
  • What is CENT counselling?
  • Counselling in Hebden Bridge (UK)
  • F2F Counselling Info Pack
  • The Counselling Blog
  • E-mail counselling
  • Counselling videos
  • The CENT institute
  • Counselling in the UK
  • 7 Counselling specialisms
  • CENT Articles and Papers
  • Attachment in Counselling
  • Five counselling supports
  • CENT e-books
  • 5 main services
  • Telephone counselling
  • Writing therapy
  • The CENT stress book
  • Client Testimonials
  • What is TA counselling?
  • Counselling for depression
  • Anger counselling
  • Couples therapy
  • CENT Publications
  • Benefits of counselling
  • The ABC Coaching Division
  • Counselling Membership
  • The Coaching Blog
  • About Renata Taylor-Byrne
  • Counselling for Anxiety
  • About Dr. Jim Byrne
  • Counselling e-book
  • Stoicism & Counselling
  • Narrative Counselling & T'py
  • Counseling and Spirituality
  • Stress counselling
  • About Albert Ellis
  • Search this site
  • Site Map
  • contact Us
  • Zen and CENT counseling
  • Beyond REBT
  • Counselling for pain
  • Counselling supervision
  • Albert Ellis on REBT Theory
  • Links and Resources
  • Counselling resources…

Please comment.  We would love to hear form you!

Is there a book, DVD, website or other media that you would like to review?  You are welcome and encouraged to submit it.  Details and instructions here 

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