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Did you ever think that why in same situation  people experience different emotion and behaviours .Especially in same  negative situation people have different emotions ,behaviour and react to situation in different way , take example of school where teacher scold the students for not doing good behaviour or doing bad behaviour , do you think that every student would react and experience same emotion with same intensity and with same behavior, if your answer is yes than i have objection that  in class lots of activities and tasks are done by teacher and student than  (example 10 tasks is done ) than every student should behave ,having emotion ,react in same way but they do not . Some of student would get panicked ,some would get anxious ,some would experience happiness , some would not experience any emotions , some would experience concern .


What do you think there is difference ?


Let see,

1 Students who are having emotion of anxiety  about scolding of teacher  may  think that my teacher must scold me ,it is 100% bad that he scold me and nothing worse could happen than this and i cannot bear that, i am worthless person for having scolding from my teacher .Student would be anxious about the presence of teacher and may avoid the teacher and may make excuses to not to go class .  

2  Students who are feeling happiness may think my teacher scold me that prove that he care about me as he want my better future so he is good teacher .

3 Students who are having emotion of concern may think that i want my  teacher not to scold me but there is no rule of school according to which he cannot scold me it is bad but 100% bad as i would soon forget about it and i am not going to die if my teacher scold me .these student may approach the teacher and request the teacher to change his behaviour .

4 Students who are feeling no emotion  may think that it does not matter my teacher scold me or not ,it is neither good nor  bad IF my teacher scold me .

You may object that different student have different past experience so there behaviour  ,emotion would be different .You may be right but don’t you think that now in above mention situation  beliefs are creating these emotions and behaviours ?



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