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Tue 4 May 10, 7:45 pm

What the heck is this place ???

This is a work in progress and will be modified as time and interest permit.



This is a place for both lay people and professionals to discuss, explore and share about REBT / Rational Behavior Therapy and the Cognitive Behavior Therapies, and more general issues of psychology, General Semantics, rational and critical thinking.  This is NOT the place to get therapy, but there are lots of members who are happy to help you learn more about and apply the principles of REBT/CBT and related processes in your own life.

Secondly–as the blog grows organically, as explained in the long-winded answer below—we hope, over time,  to build a large, useful, user-friendly database archive  of educational and therapeutic materials  to help individuals, students and professionals learn more about REBT-CBT, and to promote and advance it’s use world-wide.

Quite a challenge, but nonetheless a worthwhile one.


REBTinfo.info is a Blog, obviously.  It is the reincarnation of "REBT Central" a website and discussion forum for REBT that I abandoned due to a number of unhappy technical issues as well limitations on my own time and energy.

I have been a regular contributor on the CBT-REBT Forum Yahoo Group since March 2005, for about five years now as I type this.  It is an excellent source of information, education, help  and discussion about, as the name says, CBT-REBT and related (and sometimes not-so-related) topics.  All those interested in exploring further are encouraged to do so at the link below.


My only concern ab REBT-CBT Forum is that, ironically, the content in the archives does not seem to show up in Google and other searches.  I say ironically because some time ago, there was a big ruckus caused by the fact that some members discovered that their  personal information and the content of their posts was not private as they had originally thought.    The result of that, and rightfully so in my opinion, was that posts prior to that date were deleted by the list owner, and a privacy warning posted.  It's a shame, though.    Gawd only knows what valuable content was lost, but under the circumstances, I support the decision, but ironically it may not have been necessary as I never come across any of the posts as I am googlilng around the internet.

It turns out that we are not entirely certain of  how much stuff in Yahoo Groups is actually private or not, or how private it may be.  However, I would wish for the content of the material on this blog  to be available to the web community and that  relevant topics to come up in the search engines.  I do not intend to spend much time an energy actually promoting it, but I would like it to be a matter of record and available to anyone looking for it.

Hence, my blog, my website, my TOS, and my opportunity for me to post what I love and what I know about.  I hope to generate (however slowly) an ongoing discussion about REBT-CBT in the web community, and to provide a  place where people can find help, information, education and interaction at the click of that "Search" button.


Also, we expect contributors to follow common courtesy and comply with established web etiquette, and to comply with the TOS (Terms of Service), none of which is  unusual, and all of which follows common sense and contemporary standards .

So, how is this going to work?  As I said, I do not have a lot of discretionary time these days, so I am going to make it simple and easy for myself, and for my readers. As I intend to continue to regularly post to the REBT-CBT Yahoo Group, I shall choose those posts  that are relevant and of interest to a general readers here as well.  Of course, I will remove any personal references first.  Over time, I will also have a look back over the archives and choose some of my old posts that I think may possibly be perennial and be of general interest.  Over time, this blog will grow and as it does, we will organize the material into useful and relevant categories to make it more user friendly and searchable.  In some cases, I may be able to get permission from some of the other contributors to the REBT-CBT Forum Yahoo Group to allow me to post some here as well, but I will never do so or make any sort of personal references.  Of course, you, dear readers, will be posting here as well.  We welcome, encourage and even beg for that!  Lots of that.  Please.

In the beginning, the blog will probably read strangely because it will only contain posts I have made to the Yahoo Group and what I am responding to may not be very clear.  I will try my best to only choose posts where confusion due to the one-sided dialog is minimal.  Over time, it will take on a "voice" and personality and style of it's own, and become something more than simply a clone of my previous Yahoo Group Postings.

Welcome!  We look forward to your participation!

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