What is REBT?

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Rational Emotive
Behavior Therapy
What the hell is it, anyway???

Click the blue  link below  for Will Ross’s excellent, easy-to-follow explanation . . .

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Call for Guest Authors and Contributing Writers

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How to Learn REBT


Perhapos it is just a teeny bit immodest of me to title this page "How to Learn REBT-CBT" as if starting from a zero baseline, you will be able to practice REBT-CBT just by reading these few pages. Live workshops and face-to-face therapy/coaching/training are of course the best ways to learn, however  lots of people, including yours truly, can do very well and  go a very long way startng with "A Guide to Rational Living"  or "How to Stubbornly Refuse . . . " both by Dr. Ellis or "Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy" by Dr. Burns.  or "Three Minute Therapy" by Dr. Edelstein.  Reading  "What is REBT" by my friend Will Ross on this blog  http://rebtinfo.info/what-is-rebt/  is another excellent starting place.

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Disputing Overgeneralizations

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A new reader asks how to dispute an "overgeneralization"

Hi Newbie,


I often use "overgeneralization" in a loose way to mean exaggeration. However, if you are using the term in the way that Burns coined it,

OVERGENERALIZATION: You see a single negative event as a never-ending pattern of defeat. You arbitrarily conclude that one thing that happened to you once will occur over and over again. For example, if you get passed over for promotion on the job, you might erroneously conclude: "I'll never get the promotion!"

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More than 20 titles by Dr. Ellis now available on Kindle

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3654_Albert_Ellis495.jpg (180×223) MANY

Good Morning REBT Mates!

Due to low vision and (probably) a learning disability, I can't/don't read paper anymore, so . . .

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How much stimulation is enough?

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Disney is putting virtual reality on it’s new roller-coaster to enhance the experience. My gawd! Isn’t the reality of the roller coaster experience stimulation enough already???

Do you feel panicky or dull when you do not get your usual dose of stimulation? Me thinks we are all becoming just a little bit “faux-ADHD” in the modern, digital world.

Do you find roller coasters and “thrill rides” to be stimulating and exciting or frightening and enervating?  Click the link below to share your comments.

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Why “can’t” you rate the essence of a human?

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From: Jane…@…
Subject:  REX – General Semantics – Questions – REBT.info
Date:  Sun, 15 Dec 2013 21:01:53 +0530
To:  AskRex@rebtinfo.info <askrex@rebtinfo.info> 

Hey Rex,

My name is Jane. I too practice REBT and it has significantly improved my life.

I have been reading some of your articles on general semantics and E-Prime and find it very interesting. But it happened to spark of a few questions,

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We miss Robin Williams

On 11 August 2014, we were all saddened and shocked to learn of the suicide of  the national treasure, Robin Williams, particulary I think members of my generation. Robin was a year younger than me, and could have continued to make people laugh for perhaps another 20 years or more.

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Distorted thinking is at the root of “neurosis”

Distorted thinking

Distorted thinking results in distorted “self image,” disturbed emoting, unrewarding behavior.

“Much of what we call emotion is nothing more or less than a certain kind – a biased, prejudiced, or strongly evaluative kind – of thought.”
~Albert Ellis, Rational Psychotherapy and Individual Psychology

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Social phobia since adolescence

Posted by Rex Alexander on Thu 14 Jun 18 in Social Anxiety |

Q: This person shares about suffering from social phobia since adolescence, particularly meeting members of the opposite sex. While getting more benefit from “shame attacking exercises” than written cognitive exercises, does not have the courage to continue doing them.

A: May I just add–at the risk of sound as though I am picking nits–that the fear is not really the fear of people or of how other people behave toward you.

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Website review: ABC Counselling

Fri 14 Jun 2013, 6:11 pm

Good evening All,

It occurs to me that reviews of  websites fit nicely into this category of book and media reviews.  I just became aware of Jim Byrne's  ABC-Counseling,
http://www.abc-counselling.com/  as a result of the discussion of his article Dr. Ellis, a wounded psychotherapist

 Dr Jim Byrne, was originally very influenced by the thinking and theories of Dr Albert Ellis, sets out to explore the childhood of Albert Ellis, to see how this skewed the development of Ellis's notion of rationality, and his resistance to the idea of human emotional needs.which

which we present and discuss in a post elsewhere on this blog, which you can read here

After that long-winded introduction let me say that

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The dog ate my homwork!

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Welcome to our new feature
Hi REBT Mates! From time-to-time I will be posting homework suggestions; activities that you can do on your own to improve your understanding and use of REBT and related subjects.

This week:  Increase your use of “In my opinion . . . “

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