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This from an old friend from the REBT-CBT-FORUM@yahoogroups.com whom we have not heard from for a long time.  This person has been struggling with anxiety and although works diligently applying REBT-CBT techniques, does not appear to be getting much traction. Although I am not psychic, I think I may have an idea as to why.


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Originally posted 2017-08-03 06:09:55.

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Posted by Rex Alexander on Tue 25 Jun 19 in Addictions, Addictions, Alcoholism, Compulsions, Alcoholism, bookshop |

What does REBT have to say about alcoholism and drug addiction ? 2 total views, 2 views today

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Depression following benzodiazepine withdrawal

Posted by Rex Alexander on Tue 25 Jun 19 in Acceptance, Addictions, Alcoholism, Compulsions, Ask Rex, Depression, Uncategorized |

  Mick wrote: I cannot help but feel that my life has been ruined by this withdrawal process. 10 months out and I am in another wave. I have so much brain fog its unreal, as well as many, many many other debilitating symptoms. I lost the person whom I thought that I would marry […]

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Yes you can’t!

Posted by Rex Alexander on Mon 24 Jun 19 in Postive thinkikng, Rational Thinking, REBT & Other therapies compared |

Can’t is a damned interesting word, responsible for much mischief.  With few exceptions, it is simply a cognitive distortion.  However, when I say that, you may automatically tune out, assuming I that I am about to rehash some chestnut from my Dale Carnegie-Napoleon Hill,-Norman Vincent Peale-Jim Robbins  bag of “positive thinking” tricks.   Not so!  I promise! 4,208 total views, 14 views […]

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Political Correct vs. Free Speech?

Political Correct vs. Free Speech? What on Earth could REBT have to say about “political correctness” vs. free speech? 1,635 total views, 2 views today Originally posted 2014-06-25 07:11:21.

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What, more “darling shoulds?”

Posted by Rex Alexander on Sun 23 Jun 19 in Albert Ellis, Demanding, musterbation, musty thinking, Religion, should statements |

  It’s true!  I never tire of talking about my “darling shoulds.” 1,151 total views, 5 views today Originally posted 2015-03-20 05:06:07.

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Review: A Guide to Rational Living

Posted by Rex Alexander on Sun 23 Jun 19 in Albert Ellis, Books & Media, Read any good books lately?, What is REBT - CBT? |

“A (New) Guide to Rational Living” by Albert Ellis Read Phil’s review fro September 2001     1,462 total views, 3 views today Originally posted 2013-04-30 06:35:25.

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Interview with Dr. Ellis

Posted by Rex Alexander on Sat 22 Jun 19 in Albert Ellis, Basics, Your Opinion Matters |

Albert Ellis: A Guide to Rational Living – Thinking Allowed DVD with Jeffrey Mishlove NOTE: This is an excerpt from the full 90-minute DVD (available on Amazon.com)           1,060 total views, 9 views today Originally posted 2013-05-24 18:37:19.

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Kumare, Scoundrel or Liberator ???

Posted by Rex Alexander on Sat 22 Jun 19 in Books & Media, Rational Thinking, Religion |

This is more about rational thinking in the larger sense than REBT per se. It illustrates in the most scandalous and amazing way human beings profound tendency to think, emote and  behave gullibly, credulously and superstitiously. As Dr. Ellis ‘demurely’ said, “Humans are out of their fucking minds!”                   […]

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Dr. Ellis speaks on accepting self and others.

Posted by Rex Alexander on Fri 21 Jun 19 in Acceptance, Albert Ellis, Basics |

  This is part of audio talk of Dr.Albert Ellis on Unconditionally Accepting Yourself and Others   7,212 total views, 7 views today Originally posted 2015-08-10 04:30:59.

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