Do you know that there are 39 grams (9.3 teaspoons) of sugar in a 12 ounce can of Coke? And there is a similar amount in other fizzy drinks as well

When you drink the end product, it may not seem overly-sweet like there are 9 or more teaspoons of sugar in your fizzy drink, but just imagine sitting and eating 9 teaspoons of regular sugar out of the bowl! Now imagine doing that 6 or more times a day as many people do! Yuck!


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I reckon that more and more of us are realizing these days that it is excessive sugars and other simple carbohydrates that really cause obesity, not dietary fat. At last, many of us realize that sugar is dangerous and are we are working to reduce or eliminate it from our diets. No easy task when you consider that the “Big Sugar” industries add it in obscene quantities to literally everything we eat that is processed, comes out of a package, box, jar or bottle. Many predict that “Big Sugar” will be the next corporate villain after “Big Tobacco.”

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The good news is that if you drink a lot of fizzy soda, reducing or eliminating it is really the “low hanging fruit” that will have a significantly positive impact on our mood, weight, health, well-being and longevity.


But maybe not so easy to do if you are hooked on the fizzy stuff. Especially for sober alcoholics in early recovery, it may seem an overwhelming challenge to figure out exactly what to drink instead of alcohol. Walking down the mile-long beverage isle in American supermarkets is like a psychedelic experience; shelf-after-shelf-shelf-after-shelf of fizzy and juicy drinks as well as pure juices in garish colors and sexy shaped bottles. Sorry to be the one to tell you, guys, fruit juice is no solution! For example, 12 ounces orange juice has 27 grams sugar, somewhat better than Coke, but hardly a “sugar bargain.” And, 12 ounces of grape juice (Eeegads!!!) 54 grams of sugar!!!

Unfortunately, using artificial sweeteners such as Aspartame (Equal, et al) may simply be trading one set of problems for another. Sigh!


What to do???

The obvious plan is to drink lots of pure water. I like water, but many people find it uninteresting. Unsweetened coffees and teas in moderation are fine, but we can’t be drinking them all day long. Many find herbal teas boring, and they are not cheap.

Are you ready? Ta da! Sparkling water (in plebian terms, plain seltzer) is a great option as your regular drink. It is delicious and fizzy which makes it more “interesting” and appealing than plain water for many. You can flavor it with a little lemon or lime, add a splash of fruit juice and other flavorings, plain or on the rocks. For alcoholics in recovery, it is a very nice alternative to sparkling wines and other bubbly drinks.

And here is a new idea, a great way to MAKE YOUR OWN sparkling water that is inexpensive–and environmentally friendly by eliminating bzillions of disposable plastic bottles!  Save money–less than 25 cents per litre–and help reduce the the terrible impact that bzillions of discarded plastic bottles cause to the environment.

SodaStream Fizzi Sparkling Water Maker Bundle, Black, with extra CO2, Bottles and Fruit Drops





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