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As you probably know, normally visitors to blogs are only allowed to read and comment on posts and articles. However, you may choose to sign up as a Guest Author or Contributing Writer which will allow you to actually create and post articles, and have your own byline and author bio box with links to your website and social media displayed at the bottom of all of your posts, something like this

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What is the difference between a 
Guest Author,
Contributing Writer and
Regular Member
There is some overlap, but basically, 

All three levels/Roles  will be able to have and maintain a personal profile, and (coming soon)  be able to view the profiles of other members.  All thee levels may read and comment on articles and posts.

Guest Authors probably have their own blog or website or other publication, and/or are published in a variety of other venues. They are likely to be professionals or aspiring professionals or graduate students with  significant knowledge and expertise in the subject they are writing about.  They will have an above-average command of the English Language and be capable of writing at or beyond the university level. 

Contributing writers on the other hand, may be “fans,” will have a good command of the English Language, submit posts that are free of typos, spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors. They will have a strong interest in the subject, and be capable of writing thoughtful, relevant, engaging content that involves significantly more thought and attention to detail than, say, the average post social media.  

Bios Guest Authors and Contributing writers will have an author bio box added to the bottom of all of their posts.

Subject of posts should broadly fit under the big tent of  psychology and philosophy, and personal growth.  Ideally, however will be about  about REBT-CBT and the various cognitive behavior therapies, Positive Psychology,  and “third wave” behavior therapies such as ACT, DLT,  exposure/de-sensitization, also Mindfulness, General Semantics and ePrime, as well as Stoic Philosophy. It is a pretty big tent.

Practical “how to” articles are always welcome.  Lists seem to attract readers.  For example “Ten tips for using CBT to spice-up your marriage.”  Personal stories and “testimonials” work well too.  For example, “How I overcame my fear of public speaking  using REBT shame attacking exercises.” 

All submissions are subject to approval and may be minimally edited for grammar and spelling.



TOS / Terms of Service 

Pretty basic stuff:  No fussing, no fighting, no cussing, no spamming, no scamming, no blaming, no flaming, no hating, no bating, no trolling, no personal attacks. No pornography (Damn!). The Golden Rule applies.  Focus on issues, ideas and principles rather than on personalities and you will fit right in. Please keep your contributions friendly and polite, treat your fellow members and readers with respect and all will be well.

All content and information submitted become the property of  REBT Info (

Long version



We at REBT Info value your privacy. Your personal information is secure with us. Secure server software (SSL) encrypts all information you enter before it is sent to us, and all of the customer data we collect is protected against unauthorized access.

We WILL NOT sell, rent, distribute or otherwise share your personal information, including e-mail address, to or with anyone for any reason (except in the  extremely rare, unlikely case of demands by duly authorized law enforcement acting strictly in accord with due process).

For more information, please read the Long Version.



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TOS / Terms of Service (Short verson):  


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