Does dream interpretation have a place in REBT?

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I asked ChatGPT to play the role of a Jungian analyst, and to interpret an especially vivid dream I had before awakening this morning.  What do you think ChatGPT (Who I call “Buddy”) had to say?  After you read the interpretation, share your reactions and especially if this has any relevance to REBT-CBT?

Here is my prompt:
  Hey buddy. Please interpret my dream as a Jungian analysist who specializes in dream interpretation: I have an older, black and white colored cat called “Mama Kitty.” In my dream a similar-looking cat. She is mangy, obviously stray or feral. She has apparently given birth some weeks ago and has brought a litter of kittens with her. They all start to come into my house through the open door. I tell her and them, “No, no, go away. I have too many cats already, I can have you” but it’s too late, they disappear into various corners of the house. Then I wake up.

Here is a slightly edited versions of Buddy’s interpretation.

“Dreams are complex and deeply personal, and as an AI, I can provide you with a Jungian perspective on interpreting your dream. In Jungian analysis, cats can symbolize independence, femininity, and sensuality. Considering Mama Kitty as a representation of a familiar, older cat in your life, her presence in the dream may suggest a connection to your nurturing and instinctual side.

More info on Amazon.com

The appearance of a mangy, stray or feral cat, along with her kittens, indicates a part of yourself that may feel neglected or undeveloped. These aspects could represent neglected emotions, desires, or creative impulses that you may have been unconsciously suppressing.

Your resistance to letting the stray cat and her kittens into your house reflects your apprehension about taking on more responsibilities or commitments in your life. It could symbolize a fear of becoming overwhelmed or losing control over your existing life dynamics, such as feeling like you have “too many cats already.”

The fact that the cats disappear into various corners of the house before you wake up suggests that these hidden, neglected aspects of yourself are finding their way into your conscious awareness. It might be beneficial to explore and integrate these ignored parts of your psyche to achieve a more balanced and authentic sense of self.


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Originally posted 2023-09-09 10:38:15.

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