Does dream interpretation have a place in REBT?

Posted by Rex Alexander on Sat 9 Sep 23 in REBT & Other therapies compared, Superstition, z-monthly |

I asked ChatGPT to play the role of a Jungian analyst, and to interpret an especially vivid dream I had before awakening this morning.  What do you think ChatGPT (Who I call “Buddy”) had to say?  After you read the interpretation, share your reactions and especially if this has any relevance to REBT-CBT?  68 total views

 68 total views

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Reframe Your Brain, by Scott Adams

Posted by Rex Alexander on Sat 26 Aug 23 in Postive thinkikng, REBT & Other therapies compared, z-monthly |

Reframe Your Brainby Scott Adams Reframe Your Brain by Scott Adams is a self-help book that delves into the fascinating metaphor or model of rewiring your brain to achieve and happiness success. It is trending on Amazon.com at number 11 as of this writing. But is it more hype than substance?  60 total views

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Understanding Androgyny

Posted by Rex Alexander on Mon 14 Aug 23 in Uncategorized, z-monthly |

Greetings Friend, In recent years, the rise of woke trans-radicalism has led to a confusing and disorienting journey down the rabbit hole of postmodern semantics. These woke ideologues continuously introduce new semantic paradigms that take a significant amount of time for others to completely understand and decode, resulting in absurd contradictions and cognitive dissonance.  68 total […]

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What Dr. Ellis Says About Meditation

Posted by Rex Alexander on Fri 21 Jul 23 in meditation, Mindfulness, REBT, REBT & Other therapies compared, z-monthly |

Is Mindfulness-Vipassana Medication Compatible with REBT?  404 total views Originally posted 2022-08-21 19:21:42.

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Unveiling the Magic of Greetings and Goodbyes

Posted by Rex Alexander on Mon 17 Jul 23 in communication, Mindfulness, z-monthly |

Musings from the Comfort of My Bed: Unveiling the Magic of Greetings and Goodbyes Good Morning Friends (and I really do hope you are having a good morning!) Picture this: I’m lying in bed this morning, not fully awake, but lost in a my meandering thoughts thoughts. For whatever reason, I go to thinking about […]

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Posted by Rex Alexander on Wed 12 Jul 23 in Uncategorized, z-monthly |

Thought as Sensation When we encounter the word “sensation,” I guess most of us immediately think of physical or tactile sensations such as, heat, cold, pressure, tingling, pain, etc. However, the application of the definition is much broader than that. It can and does describe various mental processes that arise from an external stimulation of a sense […]

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Would you like to play a game?

Posted by Rex Alexander on Thu 11 May 23 in Rational living, Rational Thinking, z-monthly |

Would you like to play a game? This game only has one rule. It’s based on the premise that you had two parents, and you agree that–so far as we know–every human being who has ever lived had two parents.  Agreed?  If you think I’m trying to trick you, take a minute to think about […]

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Is Neo the “One”?

Posted by Rex Alexander on Tue 9 May 23 in Rational living, Superstition, z-monthly |

In the thrilling, climactic scene of The Matrix, Neo is being chased by Agent Smith  and his men intent on killing him. However, as the agents fire their guns, Neo has a stunning revelation: the solid world he perceives is actually nothing more than a computer code made up of ones and zeros running in […]

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Posted by Rex Alexander on Sun 16 Apr 23 in Uncategorized, z-monthly |

Hello REBT Mates! As many of you know, two of the significant sources that Dr. Ellis drew upon in developing REBT were Stoicism and General Semantics (GS). Unfortunately, he doesn’t explore these system in any depth, but does refer to them in many of his books, acknowledging  them as important contributions. The threads of both systems are […]

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