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Sun 26 Jul 2015, 7:40 pm

I am embarrassed, guys!  I note that as of this date, this page has been viewed nearly 2,000 times!  I apologize.  It is really bad form to give the impression that we are offering something, and then take you to a non-functioning feature. 

However, be assured that one of the goals of REBT Info has been and is to have a comprehensive world-wide directory of  therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, counselors, coaches, educators.  The directory will not be exclusive, but needless to say, the emphasis is for those providers with an REBT-CBT orientation, also, ACT and the new behavior therapies, and mindfulness.  We are also very interested in featuring those who provide services at a distance via Skype, telephone or some other online medium. This is a “brave new” area of mental health services, still in it’s infancy, and hopefully we can play a role in helping it to emerge more fully.  It is very important to thousands of people who simply do not have access to mental health services, but  don’t have a hope nor a prayer of hooking up with a good REBT-CBT provider.


Anyway, we have the software for the directly, and is is really sweet.  Now, it is just a matter of designing and building  the actual structure of the directory.  Not a particularly difficult task, but very tedious and very time consuming. Then, of course, we have to populate it (add listings) which is another very large project in itself.

All I can say is that we will get around to it in due course, as we can. If there is a psych student out there who would like to volunteer for something important and worthy, please contact me.  Perhaps is it something that can be folded into a school project for credit?


Meanwhile, we notice that Dr. Edelsetein has improvised and added a listing in the comments (below).  I am glad he took the initiative to do that.  Other providers are welcome to do so as well until we the the directory-proper up and running.  Obviously the listings won’t be organized or in any particular order, but it couldn’t hurt to see some listings here.


e-mail with any questions.



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rexall Sun 26 Jul 15
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Providers, add your listings in the comments box below. For now, just improvise, be transparent, and include whatever info you think will useful and appreciated by potential clients.

Listings here are not vetted. REBT Info does not endorse providers nor verify any of the claims and representations in a listing. This directory serves merely as an “exchange” where clients and providers can contact one another. It is up to both parties to perform due diligence, independent quality control, and take elementary safety precautions.

Michael R. Edelstein Sat 25 Jul 15
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I am an REBT provider of supervision and therapy. I conduct in-person, phone, and Skype sessions. I can be reached at 415-673-2848 or My website is

Please feel free to call or email for info.

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