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What is Hypnosis?

Well we hope there are not many people these days who need to be told  that hypnosis is not like the 1931 horror-melodrama “Svengali” where the sinister music maestro enslaves the beautiful ingenue through hypnotism and mind control. But what a campy horror flick to watch late at night, right? Modern hypnotism is not about sleep. It is not about entering  “trance states.”  It is not about losing

“Svengali” 1931, Starring the Great  John Barrymore and lovely Marian Marsh

consciousness or losing control. Nor is it about doing things that you would not ordinarily do.  Unfortunately, neither is it about becoming extra-sensory, extra-ordinary or of acquiring superpowers.  It is not magic!  So, forget Svengali. Forget any “amazing” stage show demonstrations of hypnosis you may have seen in a club or on TV;  they are just for fun, not what they seem to be. 


So, what is modern hypnosis, anyway, and what has that got to do with REBT-CBT?

Modern hypnosis is a gentle process of entering  into a relaxed state where you become open to suggestions that will have a positive impact on your health and well-being in many ways; that will  help you get more of what you want and less of what you do not want.  The suggestions in modern hypnosis will help you to improve your mood, energy and performance and to establish new behaviors and eliminate undesirable behaviors and many other things that you desire and are for your benefit.

Of course, as with all things, it is just a bit more complicated than that. Still, once you have stripped away all the “woo-woo” and razzle-dazzle, that’s all it is, really: Relaxed and open to positive suggestions.

So, what has that got to do with REBT-CBT?

I (Rex) am a certified hypnotist. I used hypnosis for decades before I ever heard of REBT-CBT. I support the use of self-hypnosis as well as positive affirmations (In REBT called, rational coping statements) to enhance the REBT-CBT process, as do other practitioners including Dr. Ellis. However, just between you, me and the fencepost, I tend to soft pedal this wonderful tool because I find that some clients will lean toward it as an easier, softer way assuming that they can thereby avoid the more rigorous work of identifying and disputing their irrational beliefs and distorted cognitions.  Let’s be clear, hypnosis is not a substitute for traditional REBT-CBT work. Hypnosis is it’s own discipline based upon principles coming from it’s own school.  But it can be a marvelous enhancer, and an important tool in your toolbox for personal growth and life-enhancement.

So, what is “REBT-friendly” Hypnosis?

Very simply, REB-CBT-friendly hypnosis is hypnosis that employs suggestions which

  1. augment, enhance and support traditional REBT-CBT work
  2. are rational, reasonable and conform to reality.              
  3. are free of “ww-woo,” superstition and over-reaching.

So, what can I do here?



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