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What on earth does memory improvement and memory training have to do with REBT-CBT???

Memory Improvement

Memory Improvement-Memory Training.

OK, “I give up” you say, “What does memory improvement have to do with REBT-CBT”?

That is a fair question, and the answer is, not much, not much in a direct sense . . . except that it can make the learning, internalizing and application of REBT-CBT faster and easier, as it can with any new subject.  See my longish article Ten Cognitive Distortions and Four IBs for a step-by-step tutorial on the best way to learn CBT and how memory training can greatly assist in that process.

Memory training and memory systems have been one of my hobbies and have enhanced and made my life easier  in many ways for the past two decades.  Don’t get me wrong, I don’t claim to be any sort of “mental

athlete” as those in memory competitions refer to themselves.  However, that is not a problem because I never aspired to be a “mental athlete.”  Nonetheless, I find the whole subject fascinating and use memory systems to ease and speed up what used to be tedious memory chores; to remember names, faces, dates, appointments, lists numbers and any new subjects in which I am required to become competent. Moreover, as I become a little older, these skill become more and more valuable as my “god-given”  youthful talent to remember things quickly, easily and permanently seems to becoming  more fragile.


Memory training is elegant, and I like elegant things, things which provide or seem to provide more benefit than the

energy you invest, things which give you a “bigger bang for your buck,” as it were. Memory training has many happy “side effects”  which may be just as valuable as being able to remember what it is that you want to remember. For example, you cannot remember something that you have not paid attention to in the first place.  So, attention training is effortlessly folded in to memory training, and improving attention and concentration becomes one of the pleasant side effects.


Another happy benefit is enhanced creativity. All or most memory systems are visually-driven, that is make use of images and the imagination (the root of  imagination is image or picture) which is why they operate so quickly and smoothly compared to traditional methods of memorization. Working with the right side of the brain releases creative potential and allows you to apply creative solutions in all areas of your professional and personal life.




If you are interested in becoming a mental athlete, you can, if you are willing to work at it. Start by reading the wonderful and now classic book Moonwalking with Einstein which is not a memory training book per se, although it does give you an introduction to the basic systems. More significantly, it will give you a very good idea of what is involved in becoming a mental athlete as it follows the author on his adventures in training for international memory competitions. Even if you are not especially interested in memory training for yourself, it is a well-written, fun read.

To learn the basic memory systems, start with Harry Lorayne’s classic Memory Book which is a great place to begin whether you are interested in becoming an memory athlete or just a arm chair memory expert.

The remaining titles are all personally hand-picked and recommended by me.

Enjoy!  Let me know if you have any questions or if I can help with memory. Rex@REBTinfo.com and look for an online memory workshop for beginners presented by yours truly.


Have you read any of these books? Please add a review or comment or question in the form at the bottom.  Thanks!




Have you read any of these books? Please add a review or comment or question in the form at the bottom.  Thanks!



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