Unveiling the Magic of Greetings and Goodbyes

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Musings from the Comfort of My Bed:
Unveiling the Magic of Greetings and Goodbyes

Good Morning Friends (and I really do hope you are having a good morning!) Picture this: I’m lying in bed this morning, not fully awake, but lost in a my meandering thoughts thoughts. For whatever reason, I go to thinking about something we all do—greetings and goodbyes. You know, those little rituals we perform almost automatically? According to TA (Transactional Analysis) They’re the most basic form of human connection. “Hello” responded to by “Hello” is a single transaction. It would be difficult to get much more basic other than perhaps a head nod. But here’s the thing: at least in the West, they’ve become second nature, almost like a reflex, and we hardly give them a second thought. In fact, they are often completely automatic and unconscious. They’re just the social grease that keeps our daily interactions rolling smoothly.

1876. Alexander Graham Bell demonstrates his telephone.


So what? I have fascinating and potentially powerful exercise that may surprise you. I hope you will seize the opportunity and give it a try. For a full 24 hours, I want you to make these interactions mindful and deliberate. This process is a combination of Western mindfulness as well as “loving kindness” practices. If you don’t have many human interactions, it you may need to extend it to 48 hours. In any even, no more mindless hellos and good mornings. Instead, let’s make our interactions deliberate, conscious and infuse our words with intention. Picture this: when you pass me in the hallway and say, “Good morning, Rex,” really mean it. Be aware that you are doing it. Wish me a genuinely splendid morning! Feel good will toward me, and want for me to have a good morning. If that proves difficult and you don’t feel much of anything, just make a mental note and then, fake it! Think about it, how would it make me feel to know that you genuinely wished for my well-being, success and happiness? I realize it’s a fantasy, but wouldn’t it be great if everyone walked around knowing that their friends and colleagues wished for their happiness and well-being? Fun fact: did you know that the word “hello” has its roots in Old High German? It comes from “hala,” which means to hail a ferryman. So, when you say hello, you’re actually inviting someone into your world, not just performing a social ritual so can get on with whatever you are doing. Apply the same practice to “Thank you.” Practice feeling gratitude rather than blindly doing the social dance.


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Alright, here’s the game plan: let’s practice saying our greetings and farewells with mindful intention and sincere well-wishing for a whole day. When you say “Good-bye” u, let it carry the weight of your sincere wish for their safe journey. Imagine truly feeling it, really meaning it from the with as much sincerity as you can bring to bear. Again, if that is a stretch, just note it, regard it as playful pretense, and “fake it until you make it!” If you find a spare moment, jot down some quick notes about how it made you feel, or if it evoked any thoughts, observations or sensations at all. After you have practiced, come back and share your revelations with the gang. I am eager to hear bout your experiences and observations, whatever they may be.
So there you have it, my friends. Let’s unlock the mysteries of human connection, one heartfelt greeting at a time. 

Thank you for joining in on what I hope could very well be a remarkable journey.


Khon Kaen, Thailand
Mon 17 Jul 2023, 10:17 am


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