New book on rational drinking!

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I am very pleased to remind you of a book by my friends Dr. Michael Edelstein (left) and the late Will Ross (right)*, two people eminently qualified to teach us about how distorted thinking and irrational beliefs lead to excessive, self-destructive behaviors such as alcoholism and drug addictions.



DISCLAIMER : As a recovered alcoholic and  addict with more than 30  years of sobriety as of this writing, I (Rex) am unapologetically “old school.” Although I may have softened a bit as I get a little older, I believe the idea of “moderation” or controlled drinking for alcoholics and addicts is in itself irrational and distorted. I do not support moderation for a long laundry list of reasons. However, to get into that would be a distraction in this post intended as a  plug for Michael’s and Will’s book. I recognize that many seriously disagree with my position, and–although it is not particularly my bailiwick–I do believe that in the end so called “harm reduction” is rational, and I do believe that if an addict-alcoholic will not or cannot abstain, they had damned well better learn to moderate, if they can, which is a BIG “if” in my mind. There can be no better help with that than REBT-CBT and the Michael’s and Will’s approach.

Meanwhile, I will leave those who support moderation, controlled drinking, social drinking to “work their side of the street” while I remain happy as a pig in mud on the sobriety/abstinence side.


As I understand it, for a limited time, Will’s book is available on Kindle for only 99 cents!

Dr. Michael R. Edelstein is a San Francisco clinical psychologist with an in-person and telephone therapy practice. He’s a Certified Rational Addictions Therapist and the San Francisco Professional Advisor for SMART Recovery. He is the author of the best-selling Three Minute Therapy, which has chapters on addictions and a variety of emotional problems. He trained with Dr. Albert Ellis and supervises addiction counselors in the REBT/CBT treatment of addictions.

My friend and colleague form the REBT-CBT Forum Yahoo Group, Will Ross tutors REBT self-helpers and is the author and publisher of online REBT self-help materials. He is the webmaster and co-founder of REBTnetwork  established in 2006 to promote Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT) and the life & work of its creator, Dr. Albert Ellis, Ph.D.

Plus some others that are secular, rational and empowering.



Just a personal note. This is a superb book, but I remain “old school, and do not support the dubious notion of “moderation” or “social drinking” for those with chronic alcohol abuse issues.  ~Rex  

Buddhist Path to Recovering from Addiction



Sensible Tools for Addiction Recovery Without Religion

SMART Recovery offers meetings in the United States, Canada, Australia, Denmark, Ireland and the UK as well as many other countries around the world. Find a meeting in your area, or attend our convenient online meetings.  

A secular approach advocating empowerment and based on
Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy / REBT


Have a great day, everybody!



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