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“Heart Rate Variability Training” can enhance your use of REBT-CBT as well as assist and deepen your meditation practice which will reduce stress and improve your health and well-being.  Click because you want to learn how 


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emWave Pro

emWave Pro

emWave Pro

We are pleased to affiliate with and recommend HeartMath and it’s products and services

HeartMath is the name of the company which provides devices, software and training that help you reduce stress, enhance health and well-being, and maximize performance. HeartMath is also a catchy term that refers to . . .

HRV Heart Rate Variability Training

HRV is the type of biofeedback training to help you achieve coherence, a term you will hear frequently around here. Through gentle breathing and biofeedback techniques, HRV teaches you how to optimize your complex heart rhythms so as to get your brain and your heart more attuned to one another–literally and figuratively–which provides the many amazing benefits of coherence.


Describes the suite of devices and software you may use to do your HRV training, for as little as 10 minutes per day, or as long as you like. emWave is available for Windows and Mac, or as an attachment for  iOS and android devices which you can use anywhere you go.


This is what you will see on your computer screen as the software gives you dynamic feedback in real time helping you to optimize heart rate rhythms to achieve coherenceRed is not so good, blue is good, green is your target, where you want be most of the time.


Stress Reduction and
Emotional Management Skills

In today’s world, it’s important for you to learn stress reduction and emotional management skills. HeartMath  devices are perfect choices to achieve coherence and increase energy levels. HeartMath devices, software and techniques have revolutionized stress reduction by developing a proprietary, scientific process and award-winning technology that allows you to:

  • Be less reactive
  • Think clearly 
  • Make good decisions, especially under pressure
  • Improve health, stamina and well-being
  • Maintain personal balance and avoid burnout.
  • Maximize creativity and innovation
  • Boost performance and overall intelligence
  • Control heart rhythms to
  • achieve the optimal performance zone 
  • Transform physiological response to stress and
  • quickly re-balance mind, body and emotions for greater intelligence, creativity, decision making ability and communication skills.

    For More Information and
    to get emWave, click below

emWave Pro

emWave Pro

emWave Pro

emWave technology is an innovative approach to improving wellness and facilitating personal growth based on learning to change your heart rhythm pattern to create coherence; a scientifically measurable state characterized by increased order and harmony in our psychological and physiological processes.

With emWave products, you learn to control your physiology through breathing along with your heart rhythms and focusing on positive emotions. emWave technology collects pulse data and translates the information from your heart rhythms into graphics on your computer or into easy to follow lights on the portable emWave devices. As you focus on a positive emotion and breathe along with your heart rhythms, you will see the graphs and lights change to reflect your level of coherence.

As you practice on the go or at your computer you increase your ability to take charge of your emotional reactions. Your health, sleep, relationships and quality of life improve.


Keep a record of your sessions and progress on the cloud and sync with all of your devices.


Image result for heart rate variability



Add Heart Facilitator Program

Once you get the hang of HRV training, you might wish to consider the Add Heart Facilitator Program, a self-paced course where you’ll learn how to access more of your own inner balance and own’s guidance. You’ll also learn and be approved to teach others to do the same.


Webinars, Tutorials, Reference Library

A HUGE  online resource of  books, videos and training materials: webinars, tutorials, reference library. Some for a separate fee, but much of it FREE to HeartMath customers.


Finally, two terrific videos for you . . . 

Finally, we have two terrific videos for you. We provide the first for the express purpose of reassuring you that you do not need to be a geeky white coat techie kind of  guy to use emWave. It’s easy and fun, the most user-friendly way to get into biofeedback that I know of.  In this first video, Tara West, a delightful young student  at University of Hawaii, Hilo  demonstrates emWave and explains that emWave training is available at free to all students.  Makes me regret not attending University of Hawaii!  


In the next video, Rollin McCraty, Ph.D. HeartMath Institute Research Director discusses why heart coherence is essential in stress management and sustainable behavioral change.

For More Information
to get emWave, click below


emWave Pro

emWave Pro

emWave Pro



For More Information and
to get emWave, click below

emWave Pro

emWave Pro

emWave Pro

If you have any questions about emWave; what it is, how to use it, how to get started, I am happy to help.

Post a comment in the form below or e-mail me directly =>



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