Pissed beyond all measure!!!

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Good Morning All,

Are you ready for your morning REBT safari?

Have you ever been “pissed beyond all measure”?


The following is a actual quote from someone who is criticizing a staff member for failing to communicate according to protocol. The context is unimportant, but the situations is real, in real-time, and the details are kept sparse to protect the guilty. They don’t matter anyway.

The critic is angry, talks about being “pissed off” and then goes on to elaborate: “It annoys me beyond measure, so . . . “

1. Identify the distortion(s) in this brief statement.

2. What is the intent and the meaning being expressed here?

3. In what way or ways are the distortions distorted?

4. What would the like emotional and behavioral consequence for

a. The critic

b. The person being criticized.

5. Does this interaction remind you of any incidents or “activating events” in your own life?

6. Or, is this a just a “figure of speech,” a colorful expression made for emphasis that we need not be so fussy (anal?) over? or is it just some silly game Rex is playing?



Khon Kaen,




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  • Blythe says:

    When I think of being pissed off beyond measure, it means that I am so pissed I can’t even articulate how much. I think it is a figure of speech, of sorts, but it also has real meaning.

    • Rex says:

      Hi Blythe!

      Welcome. Thanks for your comments.

      REBT can sometimes seem to be overly-fussy about “semantics.” Certainly, language is often innocuous. However, one of the primary goals of REBT-CBT is to notice the emotional impact the words we use have on us. “Awfulizations” in the various from tend to inflame us emotionally which makes it difficult for us to behave rationally in ways which are rewarding and fulfilling, getting us more of what we want and less of what we do not want. “Pissed off beyond measure” is classic awfulizing: It’s terrible and I can’t stand it! Ironically such awfulizaing is often in response to very trivial events. Sure, it’s “just” a “figure of speech.” If it upsets us, however, it is quite a bit more than just a figure of speech. The goal of REBT is to begin noticing and doing something about the actual emotional effect that language has on us.

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