Difference between “rational statements” & “positive thinking” ?

  54,267 total views, 1 views today Originally posted 2013-08-29 05:05:56.

54,267 total views, 1 views today


Are you “rational”?

Posted by Rex Alexander on Sun 20 Oct 19 in Basics, Happiness, Rational living, Rational Thinking |

  The word rational is obviously fundamental to REBT. After all, we are Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy. However, I am afraid this is misleading to many as REBT uses the word in a special way . . . 13,695 total views, 39 views today Originally posted 2015-08-29 05:33:32.

13,695 total views, 39 views today

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Pissed beyond all measure!!!

Posted by Rex Alexander on Sun 20 Oct 19 in Anger, Awfulizing, Basics, Demanding, Uncategorized |

Have you ever been “pissed beyond all measure”? Are you ready for your morning REBT safari? 3,033 total views, 13 views today Originally posted 2014-10-17 18:57:05.

3,033 total views, 13 views today

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“Unconditional” Self Acceptance ???

Posted by Rex Alexander on Thu 17 Oct 19 in Acceptance, Basics, Rating, ULA, UOA, USA |

What does “Unconditional”  in Unconditional Self Acceptance Mean  ??? A reader says that his English teacher advised that he avoid “modifiers” as they weaken the strength of the word they are modifying.  So, rather than “Unconditional Self Acceptance (USA)” he just leaves it at “self acceptance.”  Nothing wrong with that, but it does raise some […]

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Dr. Ellis speaks on accepting self and others.

Posted by Rex Alexander on Thu 10 Oct 19 in Acceptance, Albert Ellis, Basics |

  This is part of audio talk of Dr.Albert Ellis on Unconditionally Accepting Yourself and Others   7,539 total views, 3 views today Originally posted 2015-08-10 04:30:59.

7,539 total views, 3 views today

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It’s official! “Awfulize” is now a word!

Posted by Rex Alexander on Tue 8 Oct 19 in Anger, Awfulizing, Awfulzing, Basics, Demanding, Demanding, Emotions, Low Frustration Tolerance, must |

Dr. Ellis coined the term “awfulize” by transforming the adjective “awful” into a verb. The language of REBT can sometimes sound a little contorted, especially when employing “ePrime,” in it’s preference for  using more verbs and adverbs than nouns and adjectives.  Now, it is official! “Awfulizing” has made it to the big time and is […]

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Posted by Rex Alexander on Tue 8 Oct 19 in Announcements, Basics, Books & Media, bookshop, z3-TUE |

Hi REBT Mates! Please remember our fantastic little bookshop growing with more than 200 REBT-CBT, mindfulness, hypnosis, biofeedback  and related titles, as well as some primo gear hand-chosen especially for you. These items make wonderful gifts and are a great way to support REBTraining and by extension, REBT as a whole.  Thank you for your […]

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What is REBT?

Posted by Rex Alexander on Sun 6 Oct 19 in Acceptance, Basics, Guilt & Shame, Happiness, Rating, ULA, UOA, USA, What is REBT - CBT? |

This post is pinned to the top. Scroll down for recent posts REBT / Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy What the hell is it, anyway??? Click the blue  link below  for Will Ross’s excellent, easy-to-follow explanation . . . 36,151 total views, 22 views today Originally posted 2013-03-27 18:01:44.

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Video : Albert Ellis’ Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT)- Daniel Man of Reason

Posted by Rex Alexander on Sat 28 Sep 19 in Basics, Books & Media, Demanding, musty thinking |

I would like to share an excellent video by Daniel Phillip.  Dan’s short presentation impressed me because it  offers a clear and “user-friendly” introduction to REBT, and provides some insight into REBT’s emphasis on “musty” thinking and “awfulizing.” I would like to see many more voices explaining and expanding on REBT-CBT.  1,317 total views, 2 views today Originally […]

1,317 total views, 2 views today

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“Happy For Life” new Will Ross book

Posted by Rex Alexander on Thu 19 Sep 19 in Basics, Books & Media, Uncategorized |

One of my favorite REBT guys, the late Will Ross has talent for simplifying complex REBT concepts in a way that everyone can understand. I really envy that talent. Will’s little book,Happy for Life: Ten Key Strategies is a fine example of what I am describing.   2,610 total views, 4 views today Originally posted 2014-06-05 18:48:43.

2,610 total views, 4 views today

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