What is the difference between healthy & unhealthy emoting?

Posted by Rex Alexander on Sun 24 Sep 23 in Albert Ellis, Demanding, Emotions |

  When adversities happen to people, they can choose to make themselves either (1) healthfully negative, sorry and regretful and annoyed and frustrated and disappointed about the happening  or (2) unhealthfully negative . . .     4,480 total views,  2 views today Originally posted 2013-07-16 21:52:38.

 4,480 total views,  2 views today

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Is “indifference” a better option than “strong preference”?

Posted by Rex Alexander on Fri 22 Sep 23 in Demanding, Emotions, Needs vs. Preferences |

Is “indifference”  a valid alternative to having a “strong preference”?  We have been having a lively one over that  5,279 total views,  1 views today Originally posted 2013-07-17 19:12:21.

 5,279 total views,  1 views today

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What, more “darling shoulds?”

Posted by Rex Alexander on Fri 4 Aug 23 in Albert Ellis, Demanding, musterbation, musty thinking, Religion, should statements |

  It’s true!  I never tire of talking about my “darling shoulds.”    2,803 total views Originally posted 2015-03-20 05:06:07.

 2,803 total views

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Avoid shoulds, oughts, musts!

Posted by Rex Alexander on Thu 13 Jul 23 in Demanding, Demanding, Homework, must, musty thinking, Should |

HOMEWORK Avoid using moralistic, absolutist “shoulds”, “oughts”, “musts”, et al. We don’t want to be rigid and dogmatic in this (and in all things). While keeping in mind there are perfectly innocuous uses of “should”, “ought”, “must”, it is nonetheless an excellent discipline to make the effort to avoid them, and to monitor yourself using […]

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Don’t take it personally!

Posted by Rex Alexander on Mon 3 Jul 23 in Emotions, Rational living, Rational Thinking |

Everyone is familiar with the expression “Don’t take it personally!” Good advice in my opinion, but what does it mean and how can we actually achieve it?  3,538 total views Originally posted 2016-04-29 21:30:29.

 3,538 total views

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TRIGGER WARNING! Sorry to be the one to tell you; people, places and things “out there” do not trigger you. You trigger yourself by your distorted interpretations of the trigger. Of course, to understand that, you first need to understand something about REBT-CBT.  2,964 total views Originally posted 2017-10-28 17:04:18.

 2,964 total views

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Guest Author, Dr. Edelstein

REBT (according to Ellis) posits that inappropriate negative emotions come from one type of irrational thinking . . .  2,777 total views Originally posted 2013-12-27 06:34:31.

 2,777 total views

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Disguised shoulds?

Greta Van Susteren,  former Fox News Analyst Are Greta’s “disguised shoulds” showing? We have been talking about the model of REBT where demanding (shoulds, oughts, musts, etc.) are at the root of disturbance.  I thought it might be a good occasion to reprise my concept of “disguised shoulds.”  5,090 total views Originally posted 2014-10-01 06:33:55.

 5,090 total views

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