Baby I Need Your Lovin’ . . . Really?

Posted by Rex Alexander on Tue 20 Sep 22 in Awfulzing, Demanding, Love and Romance, Needs vs. Preferences, should statements |

Baby I Need Your Lovin’| Baby, I need your lovin’ I got to have all your lovin’ Baby, I need your lovin’ Got to have all your lovin’ ~The Four Tops, 1964      Awwwwww!  Ain’t that romantic?  Don’t that just make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside?     Ain’t it the truth? […]

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I can’t stand it!

Posted by Rex Alexander on Wed 7 Sep 22 in Awfulzing |

Jonathan von Breton shared another Albert Ellis quote in his “The Daily Al” feature:   We say that nothing is awful, nothing. Rape, i ncest, terrorism, Hitler-it isn’t awful. Not that they aren’t bad, but a rational person would recognize that the world is inherently unfair.” Albert Ellis, Ph.D. … Founder of REBT   To […]

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Is anythnig ever truly 100% awful?

Posted by Rex Alexander on Tue 30 Aug 22 in Acceptance, Awfulzing, General Semantics |

I enjoy the General Semantics (actually, more “ePrime”) exercise of debating whether anything is ever truly 100% awful.    4,035 total views Originally posted 2013-02-08 19:20:50.

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Is keeping emotions “bottled up” dangerous?

In my callow and shallow youth, I used to subscribe to the “teapot model” of emotions.  You know, our emotional systems are like teapots with water boiling, generating steam and pressure.  If the steam does not have an outlet, or the outlet becomes overwhelmed by too much steam expanding too quickly . . . POW !!!  Explosion […]

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I cried because I had no shoes…

Posted by Rex Alexander on Thu 18 Aug 22 in Awfulzing, Emotions, Guilt & Shame |

I cried because I had no shoes . .  5,145 total views Originally posted 2017-03-25 07:16:16.

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Posted by Rex Alexander on Fri 12 Aug 22 in Albert Ellis, Anger, Awfulzing, Books & Media, bookshop, damning, Uncategorized, Videos |

 2,351 total views,  2 views today Originally posted 2019-03-14 20:12:41.

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How to deal with a hen-pecking boss

Posted by Rex Alexander on Thu 28 Jul 22 in Awfulzing, Basics, Books & Media, Demanding, job burn out, What is REBT - CBT? |

Boss Mr. Dithers bullies employee Dagwood”Blondie” comic strip King Features Syndicate, 1930s Does the usual advice for improved communications skills and more assertiveness help us to deal with a boss who bullies?    5,305 total views Originally posted 2016-03-11 21:21:31.

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TRIGGER WARNING! Sorry to be the one to tell you; people, places and things “out there” do not trigger you. You trigger yourself by your distorted interpretations of the trigger. Of course, to understand that, you first need to understand something about REBT-CBT.  2,625 total views Originally posted 2017-10-28 17:04:18.

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It’s official! “Awfulize” is now a word!

Posted by Rex Alexander on Sun 24 Jul 22 in Anger, Awfulizing, Awfulzing, Basics, Demanding, Demanding, Emotions, Low Frustration Tolerance, must |

Dr. Ellis coined the term “awfulize” by transforming the adjective “awful” into a verb. The language of REBT can sometimes sound a little contorted, especially when employing “ePrime,” in it’s preference for  using more verbs and adverbs than nouns and adjectives.  Now, it is official! “Awfulizing” has made it to the big time and is […]

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The Sky is Falling!

Posted by Rex Alexander on Sat 16 Jul 22 in Awfulzing, REBT & Other therapies compared, Uncategorized, z-17 |

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