Ten Pounds of Shit in a Five Pound Bag?

Posted by Rex Alexander on Mon 25 Jan 21 in Acceptance, Addictions, Alcoholism, Compulsions, Perfectionism, Procrastination |

Q: The intense Mr. X writes about a pattern of trying to “put 10 pounds of shit into a five pound bag,” that is, making unrealistic plans, and then feeling frustrated,  and anxious about not accomplishing what he set out to do.  Sound familiar?      845 total views Originally posted 2019-01-05 21:41:42.

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Oh well!

Posted by Rex Alexander on Sat 23 Jan 21 in Acceptance, Disputing |

Oh well! Now, that’s a deep subject!    2,650 total views Originally posted 2017-12-10 06:05:35.

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Posted by Rex Alexander on Mon 18 Jan 21 in Acceptance, Albert Ellis, Books & Media, bookshop |

Stop being a dupe of the “Self-esteem MAFIA!”  1,436 total views Originally posted 2018-12-12 12:00:50.

 1,436 total views

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Escape the “Self Esteem” Trap! Today!

Posted by Rex Alexander on Sun 17 Jan 21 in Acceptance, Rating, Self esteem, self vs. behavior, ULA, UOA, USA |

  So called “self-esteem” is a fallacy, a racket invented by what I call the “Self Esteem MAFIA”  ~Rex  2,142 total views Originally posted 2017-03-21 21:08:40.

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Acceptance is not love!

   Acceptance is not love. You love a person because he or she has lovable traits, but you accept everybody just because they’re alive and human.” ~Albert Ellis  4,289 total views Originally posted 2013-05-02 07:39:44.

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Accepting emotions

Posted by Rex Alexander on Wed 13 Jan 21 in Acceptance, Emotions, Guilt & Shame, Uncategorized |

How does accepting your thoughts and feelings relate to shaking off shame and guilt? I don’t see the connection.”  3,365 total views,  2 views today Originally posted 2013-06-06 03:16:31.

 3,365 total views,  2 views today

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Task perfection vs. self-perfection

Posted by Rex Alexander on Tue 5 Jan 21 in Acceptance, Perfectionism, Rating, Task Perfection vs. Self Perfection, ULA, UOA, USA |

  Many confuse the REBT idea of Unconditional Self-acceptance (USA) with being cavalier unconcerned about how well they perform, and fear that embracing might cause them to lose their edge in a competitive, results-oriented society, possibly losing their work ethic and slipping into a passive, dysfunctional lifestyle. While this concern is understandable, it is unfounded. […]

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Simple, Effective Strategies To Immediately Boost Your Self-Esteem

Posted by Anna Kucirkova on Sun 3 Jan 21 in Acceptance, Guest Author, Self esteem, ULA, UOA, USA |

Guest author, Anna Kucirkova offers up some thoughtful tips on self-esteem.    1,236 total views Originally posted 2018-03-28 13:51:42.

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Why is it so wrong to want to kill yourself?

Posted by Rex Alexander on Tue 29 Dec 20 in Acceptance, Rating, suicide |

   A reader of my lengthy post on suicide on another site responds in part “Why is it so wrong to want to move on [kill yourself]  before your natural physical body tells you to This is not expressing a view more a question for discussion”  2,887 total views Originally posted 2014-08-16 18:12:15.

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Why “can’t” you rate the essence of a human?

Posted by Rex Alexander on Wed 23 Dec 20 in Acceptance, ePrime, General Semantics, judgment, People Rating, Rating, Self esteem, self vs. behavior, USA |

Jane asks a very important question: Why does REBT say you cannot define or rate the essence of a human being?  . . . Click to read her full question and my reply . . .  1,836 total views Originally posted 2013-12-15 23:16:48.

 1,836 total views

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