Are opinions incompatible with REBT-CBT?

Posted by Rex Alexander on Tue 13 Nov 18 in Acceptance, Demanding, Events, Rating, ULA, UOA, USA |

 Are opinions incompatible with REBT???    What do you think? 658 total views, 1 views today Originally posted 2013-04-20 18:13:40.

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Why “can’t” you rate the essence of a human?

Posted by Rex Alexander on Thu 27 Sep 18 in Acceptance, ePrime, General Semantics, judgment, People Rating, Rating, Self esteem, self vs. behavior, USA |

From: Jane…@… Subject:  REX – General Semantics – Questions – REBT.info Date:  Sun, 15 Dec 2013 21:01:53 +0530 To:  AskRex@rebtinfo.info <askrex@rebtinfo.info>  Hey Rex, My name is Jane. I too practice REBT and it has significantly improved my life. I have been reading some of your articles on general semantics and E-Prime and find it very […]

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How to deal with your past errors?

Posted by Rex Alexander on Fri 21 Sep 18 in Albert Ellis, damning, downing, Ellis Quotes, People Rating, Rating, Shame, USA |

By honestly acknowledging your past errors, but never damning yourself for them, you can learn to use your past for your own future. ~Albert Ellis   695 total views, 1 views today Originally posted 2017-06-17 06:21:04.

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What is REBT?

Posted by Rex Alexander on Fri 21 Sep 18 in Acceptance, Basics, Guilt & Shame, Happiness, Rating, ULA, UOA, USA, What is REBT - CBT? |

This post is pinned to the top. Scroll down for recent posts REBT / Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy What the hell is it, anyway??? Click the blue  link below  for Will Ross’s excellent, easy-to-follow explanation . . . 31,557 total views, 5 views today Originally posted 2013-03-27 18:01:44.

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Judge behavior, not self

Posted by Rex Alexander on Fri 21 Sep 18 in Acceptance, Guilt & Shame, judgment, Rating, Self esteem, self vs. behavior, ULA, UOA, USA |

Tue 14 Aug 07, 11:00 p.m. Good Morning All,  I write about this all the time, so if you want something long-winded, there is plenty of my hot air to be found in the archives here.  The long and the short of it is, however, that REBT-CB–as do some  other modern psychological approaches and schools […]

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Is “should” ever necessary?

A faithful reader asks What’s the best response to “I should have ______  (done x y z more) and if I had, things would be different now”?     Thank Ah, yes!  Our “Darling Shoulds!”  How we resist relinquishing them!   As if they were some jewel more precious than diamonds!   😉  5,978 total views, 2 views today Originally posted […]

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  This from an old friend from the REBT-CBT-FORUM@yahoogroups.com whom we have not heard from for a long time.  This person has been struggling with anxiety and although works diligently applying REBT-CBT techniques, does not appear to be getting much traction. Although I am not psychic, I think I may have an idea as to […]

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A reader is confused about labels and self-rating

 Rate behavior . . . not self, and you are doing good ePrime and  on the right track for doing good REBT.  This process is even more comprehensible and user-friendly if you learn something about ePrime, which is not too much of a stretch   2,364 total views, 1 views today Originally posted 2013-07-17 02:39:22.

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To achieve anything in life, you have to make it a “must” ???

We have been having a fascinating, wide-ranging discussion which I think boils down to a few basic-but-important questions: 1. Is it necessary to avoid shoulds, oughts, musts and why's? in everyday speech? 2 What is the difference between "task-perfection" and "self-perfection." 3. Can we be motivated without . . . 2,411 total views, 1 views today Originally […]

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American exceptionalism (REBT style)

Posted by Rex Alexander on Fri 21 Sep 18 in General Semantics, overgeneralization, People Rating, Rating |

On another thread, we have been discussing America being the greatest country in the world, that is so called “American Exceptionalism.” 1,201 total views, 1 views today Originally posted 2016-06-17 05:30:58.

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