Cognitive Distancing in Stoicism

Posted by Rex Alexander on Fri 23 Apr 21 in Albert Ellis, Books & Media, Disputing |

  Albert Ellis Donald Robertson Epictetus   Stoic philosophy is among the many influences Drs. Ellis and Beck drew upon in developing REBT . . .    0 total views Originally posted 2017-07-22 02:05:48.

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Difference between “rational statements” & “positive thinking” ?

   55,667 total views,  1 views today Originally posted 2013-08-29 05:05:56.

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Oh well!

Posted by Rex Alexander on Sat 27 Feb 21 in Acceptance, Disputing |

Oh well! Now, that’s a deep subject!    2,753 total views Originally posted 2017-12-10 06:05:35.

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Types of disputing

Posted by Rex Alexander on Fri 26 Feb 21 in ABC Technique, Disputing |

  Will Ross, REBT extraordinaire, explains the different types of disputing . . .   32,426 total views Originally posted 2013-02-07 19:47:55.

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“Secondary disturbance” is not secondary in signifance.

Posted by Rex Alexander on Sun 21 Feb 21 in Acceptance, Basics, Depression, Disputing, ULA, UOA, USA |

We have been having some great discussions lately over at the REBT-CBT Forum Yahoogroup.  Thm raised an honest and important question and was kind enough to allow me to re-post it here.  Thanks, Thm!  His question and my response follows. Your follow-up comments and questions are encouraged and welcomed.  6,163 total views Originally posted 2013-12-07 03:57:31.

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Dr. Gunars shares how he deals with anxiety about granddaughter not doing well in school

Posted by Gunars Neiders on Sun 7 Feb 21 in ABC Technique, Anxiety, Basics, Disputing, Guest Author, Guest Author Posts, Perfectionism |

Rex, as most of the time, gives a good answer. This is not to offer an alternative to Rex, but a supplement.” Dr. Gunars is a regular contributor to REBT Info, and we are pleased to offer his reply to our recent discussion about managing GAD and anxiety for the a child who is not doing well […]

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Only understand REBT “intellectually”?

Posted by Rex Alexander on Wed 27 Jan 21 in Basics, Disputing, Emotions, Rational Thinking, REBT & Other therapies compared, Uncategorized |

  What if you only understand your REBT process “intellectually”? I am not as warm & fuzzy as Will Ross is on this point . . .    4,274 total views Originally posted 2013-11-27 03:09:37.

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Can you dispute a “secondary disburbance”?

Posted by Rex Alexander on Wed 20 Jan 21 in Albert Ellis, Cognitve (Behavior) Therapy, David Burns, Disputing, Secondary Disturbance |

A reader asks what David Burns means in Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy when he says that you cannot dispute a feeling, you can only dispute a thought.     3,668 total views,  1 views today Originally posted 2012-09-21 05:22:16.

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Disputing Overgeneralizations

Posted by Rex Alexander on Sun 10 Jan 21 in Disputing, overgeneralization, Ten Cognitive Distortions |

A new reader asks how to dispute an “overgeneralization“  4,488 total views Originally posted 2017-06-07 00:00:23.

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Get up! Stomp around! Do your disputing aloud!

Posted by Rex Alexander on Wed 18 Nov 20 in ABC Technique, Basics, Disputing, REBT & Other therapies compared |

This is a follow-up to my post from last month “What if you only understand your REBT process intellectually?”  1,556 total views,  1 views today Originally posted 2013-12-07 04:07:02.

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