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Look, I realize our banner must seem pretty demanding, but it really isn’t a “demand,”  just a strong preference! hehehehe . . .  Just a little (very little) REBT humor for you! clap

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What is REBT?

Posted by Rex on Wed 27 Mar 13 in Acceptance, Basics, Guilt & Shame, Happiness, Rating, ULA, UOA, USA, What is REBT - CBT? |


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Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy What the hell is it, anyway???

Click the “more”  link below  for Will Ross’s exxcellent, easy-to-follow explanatoin . . .

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Hello REBT Mates.

I am sharing an excerpt from Mark Levinson’s  important  “Sensible Thinking for Turbulent Times.”  The complete book in paper and Kindle is available on Amazon.com . It is only $3.99 on Kindle for some reason.

This chapter serves two important functions.  First it provides a comprehensive “mini-history” of World War I.  If you have not studied this tragic convulsion of humanity for awhile, you may be amazed to discover or re-discover that this man-made catastrophe causing 17 MILLION deaths and 20 MILLION wounded was entirely unnecessary resulting from an almost comic chain of irrational decisions and events. You may also find that the parallels to the troubled times we live in now are striking in many ways.

The second part of the chapter provides suggestions based upon General Semantics (GS) on how to avoid international conflicts (which can also apply on the level of the organizational and the family as well.  

This is a little more scholarly than most of the content on  REBTinfo.com  but it is important, very important. If you are a serius student of REBT then you already know that Dr. Ellis was strongly influcnced by GS.  Knowing something about GS (particularly about the sub-sent of GS called “e-Prime“) will contribute to your growth as a student or as a professional, as it has mine. Enjoy and please share your thoughts.


Read the complete chapter here

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REBT will not make you a “Pollyanna”


Happy New Year REBTmates!


When we are working with the problem of being upset about the way someone treated us, it is REBT 101 that we eventually get to the assertion that there is no reason why Sally absolutely must treat is in a kind way. However, this is only 50% of the dispute, and some inadvertently or deliberately skip the first part, the “E” in REBT. This short-circuits the process, is like weak beer without the fizz, and becomes some technique different than REBT. 

The first-and-so-important step is something to the effect of. . . 

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Posted by Rex on Tue 20 Dec 16 in Announcements, Uncategorized |

December 2016

Hi there RationalMates!

Warm wishes for the holidays to all of our members and friends.

Thank you for your support this year and looking forward to bigger and better things in 2017!

Rex Alexander

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Task perfection vs. self-perfection.


One of the best chapter titles in all the annals of Chapterdom is Dr. Burns’s antidote to perfectionism “Dare To Be Average!” from the now-classic “Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy.” One of Dr. Burns’s many important contributions to CBT is teaching us to distinguish between what he calls “task perfection” and “self-perfection.” We may try very hard to achieve task perfection, and naturally be disappointed when if our performance fails to live up to our expectations. However, success or failure at a task does not make us a success or failure (or any other abstraction) as a person. In other words, our essence (whatever that is), our self is unaffected by our performance.


Possibly a more interesting questions for CBTers, is CBT good for “high-performance” individuals such as Olympic athletes? Can Olympic athletes succeed as well by transforming “I absolutely MUST win the gold” into “Although I STRONGLY prefer to win the gold, it is not the end of the world if I do not.”

However, short of Olympians, for the rest of us, the later is certainly a more rational, healthy and helpful way to approach performance and achievement.

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Call for app reviews!

Posted by Rex on Sun 19 Jun 16 in Announcements, Apps & Software, Books & Media, Self help, Uncategorized |

Hiya REBTmates!

I have been noticing a lot of CBT-REBT and related apps on Android these days. I assume the same is true with iPhone apps. Some of these look quite interesting. Unfortunately, smart phone apps are not really my “thing” and I don’t have time to devote to yet another project. So . . . It would be really great if you guys could check out some of these apps and then write a brief review on the books/media section of the REBT Blog, here => http://bit.ly/1UWEB6w  Thaks, lah!
One of the main over-arching intents of REBT Info is to provide a permanent, well-organized and cataloged archive of discussions and materials about CBT-REBT and related topics that is structured, categorized, searchable and always available to those who want to learn or want to share or need help. Facebook (et al) is great, but it is more like a “live” conversation.  Almost immediately after something is posted, is is gone,  and not so easily retrieved, just like a real F2F conversation. 

So we hope that REBT Info will be useful not only for what is happening now, but for the historical record and reference “library” we are building. How well that succeeds will mostly be you to you guys, how much you engage, participate, contribute, ask questions and otherwise make use of this resources.  To those of you who have been doing so along along, we are grateful. To those who have yet to jump in and actually participate, we extend a warm invitation.

Please, share your views of REBT-CBT and related Android and IPhone apps.  

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How to stop being offended by every little thing




The world would be a better place if everyone stopped being offended by every little thing.”


Someone posted a captioned photo similar to this one above on facebook earlier today.   When I went to comment, it disappeared.  One of the mysteries of facebook!  Anyway, I think it is important on a number of levels, I have found the same scene and I think I have recalled the caption fairly accurately.  I am not exactly certain what the connection is to the “Wizard of Oz,” but it’s a cool pic, so let’s let that go.

Read my complete article to learn how you can stop being offended by every little thing  Read more…

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American exceptionalism (REBT style)

Posted by Rex on Fri 17 Jun 16 in General Semantics, overgeneralization, People Rating, Rating |


On another thread, we have been discussing America being the greatest country in the world, that is so called “American Exceptionalism.” To which I sez: Our language completely screws up our attempts to communicate, and English is not exceptional in that regard. You call something (or someone) the “greatest” and the implication is that

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I don’t give a shit!

Posted by Rex on Sun 22 May 16 in Dire need for love & approval |


Bull-oney! The logical extension of “not caring” about what others think as Uncle Lao Tzu suggests is Jeffrey Dhamers or any other sociopath you care to mention. Or someone far out on the autism spectrum. Human beans evolved as social animals where getting along with and being accepted by the group was essential to survival. In the past, survival meant literal life and death. In modern societies, at least in the West, it means an inability to survive socially. Some are capable of more independent living than others, but even the hermit in the cave need people to come along from time-to-time, point and declare “Oh, look at the hermit!”

Naturally, I prefer people to say “Good Rex! Good Rex!” give me a scratch behind the ears and a nice treat . . . rather than “Bad Rex! Bad Rex! Go to your box!!!” However, eventhough I greatly prefer the former rather than the later, it is NOT the end of the world if I don’t get it. The solution is (excuse the double negative) not “not caring.” The solution IS caring, but not so much that I allow it to run my life, and especially that I allow it to make me miserable. Dr. Ellis writes extensively about what he calls “The dire need for love and approval” as a major driver of misery and neurosis in society. Listen to him in his own words

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Healthy negative (painful) emotions . . .

Posted by Rex on Wed 18 May 16 in Uncategorized |

Albert Ellis on loss in “Optimal Aging” : “Loss is inevitable. Sadness, loneliness, even grief, and other healthful negative feelings are the minimum price we pay for caring.

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How much stimulation is enough?

Posted by Rex on Wed 18 May 16 in Uncategorized |

Disney is putting virtual reality on it’s new roller-coaster to enhance the experience. My gawd! Isn’t the reality of the roller coaster experience stimulation enough already???

Do you feel panicky or dull when you do not get your usual dose of stimulation? Me thinks we are all becoming just a little bit “faux-ADHD” in the modern, digital world.


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